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About Us

We at Zen Master Scissors have been involved in the hairdressing industry for 30 years and with the input of some of the world’s most successful hairstylists, we have put together the easiest to understand collection of shears on the planet.

Buying a pair of scissors seems to have an air of mystery about it, so, we at Zen Master Scissors want to take away that mystery and fill you with confidence that the scissors you choose are the best in quality and the best for you.

All of the scissors are extremely high quality Japanese steel, and are hand crafted in Japan using age old techniques of fire temperature and honing that can be done by very few people. We have sourced one of the last remaining families that are from a long line of samurai sword makers who possess the mastery to provide you with the sharpest and finest blades available. So there is no mystery about the level of excellence that you are receiving and they’re at the best possible price.

There are three editions to Zen master scissors and as you go up in rank of the three editions, there are increased levels of cobalt and molybdenum (a very hard silvery metallic element. Use: strengthening steel alloys).

The only question that remains is “which scissors are right for me?”

How to Choose YOUR Scissors